Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Permanent mark downs at Pudge!

Real life gets in the way sometimes, as I'm sure you all know. Sometimes that real life is spending more time with your husband and kids, dealing with stress, playing Killing Floor or listening to the Psychadelic Furs over and over and over and over (don't you judge me).

My real life has indeed been getting in the way. I haven't really been able to put out too much new stuff for PUDGE which makes me sad; however, I feel like i'd like to do something to make up for that. I've decided to permanently mark down my 3 packs of PUDGE hair from 225L to 190L (that's right, marked down forever and ever). I have also marked down PUDGE clothing, glasses, and other random goodies so you have to make sure to check it out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pudge pose shop opening on Wonderland sim!

I've been wanting to open a "poses only" satellite store for PUDGE for a while now and my opportunity has come, booyah. Wonderland is a delicious sim that is ridiculously adorable, quirky, and all kinds of fun. I have every pose set up in a convenient manner (unlike at my mainstore where it's been impossible to set up pose vendors WITH the corresponding fat packs) and there is also a cool little mini pack available for purchase that will benefit Relay for Life! So make sure you come and check it out this evening and remember to enjoy the luxury of my brand new (improved) pose vendors.

Click image to see larger

Click image to see larger

Thursday, April 16, 2009

50% off every hair inside the PUDGE burger!

Inside the Pudgeburger ALL hairstyles are on sale 50% off until Saturday April 18Th! 3 packs of hair are normally priced at 225L and are now only 125L!! Don't miss out on this deal because I think it was inspired by listening to Bocelli over and over (and I'm finally getting tired of Bocelli). Poses, pose packs, and other stuff is still reg. price (boo), but go get you some cute cheap hair (yay)! Also, you should listen to Bocelli while making purchases, it'll make it a more pleasant experience. <3 CLICK HERE

Here are a few pics of just SOME of the hair that is on sale (that's right, there's more, more, more!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ok this is a quickie because i'm sick with some bizarre sinus infection and don't have energy enough to be entertaining.

New poses out at the PUDGEburger located in the drive thru (for the fatpack) or if you want individual poses look for the vendor right outside of the entrance. The fat pack cost is 350L for 20 brand spankin new poses and the vendor has them priced at 35L each.

Also at my Hairspray 2 location you can find the hairstyle called "This hair blows" on sale for 1/2 off the regular price. Normal price is 225 for a 3 pack of hair, it is now priced at only 125. WHOO!

Don't forget the sex change fundraiser going on for Toast Bard at Tableau. Toast wants to be a man (a manly man man) and needs our help to raise funds. I made some poses to sell and all the funds collected from these poses go directly to Toast Bard's new ding dong fund:) Hooray!
So go to Tableau and check it out!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PUDGE and I <3 the Starlust Group freebie!

Hey there everyone. I have a gift for you. Yep, I do. I love you guys, I really, really do. Thanks for the back rub the other night, it was cool and I appreciated it. Why don't you come over and sit on my lap? Am I coming on too strong? Oh, alright, I'll give out freebies anyway (call me OK?).

This hair is available to members of both the PUDGE update group and the I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">Starlust Group. Go visit PUDGE by clicking this link

Friday, March 27, 2009

Snip snip snip!!

So yesterday I was working my fat little buns off, trying and trying to make something fantastic for all of my loyal PUDGE lovers and I almost thought all hope was lost. Then it came to me, scissors! And what was created my friends is PUDGE history and had me laughing to myself saying, "oh you clever thing you!". This hair is totally not something you're going to show up at a party with and see someone wearing something similar, no way jose! Take a peek!

It's called "Folicular homicide" (My husband's brilliant idea blending the words "Folical" and "Vehicular", and it comes with the following things: The hair (with 3 sets of scissors attached IN the hair), little hair bits (detachable) that are supposed to look as though they're falling on your shoulder (but of course they can be moved wherever you please), and a pair of scissors to hold in your hand so you can look like you went on a chopping spree. It's really hard to explain and more amazing in person so head over to PUDGE and try the demo!

Also, I have the hairstyle "Back in your head" on sale for only 125L per 3 pack located at my Hairspray 2 location ONLY for a week.

On sale at Hairspray 2 for only 125L

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All i'm sayin, pretty baybayyyy...Lala love ya, don't mean mayyybayyy.

1,000 experts agree, having sales is a great way to avoid making new product for a week!
Yes, It's true folks...I've been lazy (go figure) and haven't produced anything new this week (except maybe a record for consecutive episodes of "Dead Like Me" watched in a row). So due to this I figured I'd be nice and have another mini sale (because guilt eats at me like a flesh eating bacteria when I don't make new things for my customers).
Anyhoooo, here it is! The following hairstyles are located at my mainstore marked down from 225 per 3 pack of hair to only 125 per 3 pack! BOOYAH!
Danzig's Girl
The Blake
The Saucy Posse
Mary Macaroni Waves of Glory

Oh, I've also marked all pose packs which are now available in the drive thru from 350L to only 250L for 20 poses. ALSO BOOYAH!